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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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SPIRITUAL GYM FOR KIDS(SGFK) is a workshop to support young kids in gaining a better understanding of their inner landscape and helping them set a right belief system at a very young age. It is for us kids to flex our spiritual muscles. It is a fun way of helping us kids understand the universal laws and principles. The workshop enables us to join the dots between science and spirituality. It gives us clarity about the purpose of life and help develop a growth mindset. Ms.Rakhi Oswal aka our buddy is the one who had the idea of helping children awaken their real superhero powers inside them and develop an attitude of gratitude,love,compassion,kindness,peace, empathy and harmony. The inner wisdom which she shared with our batch(first batch) came from her own journey in personal development,attending workshops internationally,meeting the best masters,reading books and deep reflection. She dreams to create a whole new community of enlightened and collaborative kids that lead a meaningful life.

My learnings at SGFK

1.My superpowers -I have learnt that every individual is a superhero and has superpowers inside them.

2.Belief-If we believe in something,it will happen. If we believe that we have a superhero power of forgiveness,we will be able to forgive easily. The neurons in our brain create a pathway of what we think everyday. If the pathway gets hard wired with any belief,it is very difficult to break it. Therefore,we should have a belief in good things and not believe in anything negative. To make our belief strong,we should practice affirmations which will make a strong path in our brain. It is rightly said by Theodore Roosevelt-“Believe you can and you’re half way there.”

3.Souls-Through this workshop,I got to know that we have souls inside us due to which we are alive. Our body means nothing without the soul. When each soul comes to earth with a body,it comes to learn lessons. After a soul learns the lesson for which it came,the person dies. When the person dies , the soul comes out of the person’s body.

4.Chakras-I have also learnt that there are 7 main chakras in the human body. Each chakra has its own function and corresponding emotion.

5.God-God is not the idols we worship. God is a ball of light and energy and we are all connected to god.

6.After life-After our body dies,the soul leaves the body. After the body dies,the soul goes to heaven or hell according to a person’s deeds.

7.Karma-We know that as you do so shall you reap. If we do good to others,good comes back to us multiplied and when need it the most. When we do bad to others,bad comes to us multiplied.

We have also learnt about many things like:emotions,kindness,gratitude and many more new learnings.

Fun part at SGFK

1.Break time-Between our lectures,we had break time in which we could stretch ourselves,talk,play and enjoy. During the breaks,we even got snacks which refreshed us.

2.Movie sessions-We had 3 movie classes which were the best. The movies were related to all the learnings but still they were really interesting. During movie sessions,all of us relished nachos,popcorns and cold drinks.

Community service:At SGFK,we went for a community service also. We went to a Gurudwara where we served food to the people. Later we even helped in cleaning the utensils. Serving people made our hearts fill with joy and gratitude.

At the end of SGFK,I was able to identify the superhero powers in me. I started seeing every situation with a different eye and started to use the learnings in my daily life. It was a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious experience.

The new generation bombs:SEED BOMBS

“There for you”( TFU) is a newly established foundation in Ludhiana, Punjab which works towards a sustainable planet. It is formed to spread the message of hope and compassion. We as a collective community think that even a single action can make a big difference and a collective action can make a great impact. It’s aim is to help and sustain Terra(earth), Flora(plants and vegetation), Fauna(animals) and Us( humans).

The aim of TFU towards:


1 Replacement of polythene bags

2 Reduction of landfills

3 Rainwater harvesting


1 Urban, vertical and organic farming


1 Animal rescue and rehabilitation

2 Animal shelters and adoption

3 Animal treatment

4 Animal transport


1 Education of underprivileged

2 Skill development

3 Sanitation

TFU has taken an initiative of making the earth green under the guidance of Mrs.Geetanjali Mehra by making Seed Bombs. Seed bombs are dry bombs which help us increase the vegetation of earth. By planting more seeds through seed bombs, we can make the earth more green. Seed Bombs are the bombs of the new New Generation which cause mass benefit.

How to make seed bombs:

Ingredients: seed, Clay, coco- pit and moss.


1 Take a small amount of clay in your hand.

2 Put a single seed in it( if seed is big sized) and 2-3 seeds( if small in size).

3 Add miss and coco- pit in it.

4 Roll a ball out of it.

5 Put the bombs in a newspaper and let dry for a day or two.

6 After 2 days you can throw them anywhere where there is soil.

7 There is no need to give water to it, it will grow on its own.

Benefits of seed bombs:

1 It is a potential wrapped up in a handy pocket sized ball of mud.

2 They can make forgotten land beautiful.

3 They restore the plant population.

4 They nourish and feed the soil.

TFU had a project for all the member children to make seed bombs. Each one of us made many seed bombs and we all really enjoyed making them. We also went to disperse seed bombs in an open land. This would help the Mother Nature and would make our earth clean and green.


Yoga is a magical word in itself. Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline which is widely practised for health and relaxation. It helps to improve both, your physical and mental health. Meditation is a part of yoga which connects you with your soul and also helps you connect with God. Yoga is an Indian philosophy which is practised in all parts of the world. It is something which gives you eternal joy and happiness. It transforms you to an another world where you feel blessed and contended. Yoga is my favourite form of workout and relaxation. You can practise yoga anywhere as no special equipment is needed. There are many different forms of yoga such as Power yoga, Bikram yoga,Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga yoga and many more.

Yoga has many benefits :

1.It improves heart rate and respiration.

2.It boosts blood circulation.

3.Increases flexibility and posture-Daily yoga practice tones your muscles. To become flexible, you do not have to work out a lot. Some poses like plank pose and warrior pose everyday.

4.It increases muscle and body strength

5.It tones the body

6.It improves energy-Few minutes of yoga can provide you energy-boost which you need in a day.

7.It helps in weight reduction-To be able to loose weight, there is no need to work out. You can do gentle yoga practice everyday. It will fuel the metabolic system and help to burn fat which will lead to weight loss.

8.It builds cardiovascular health

9.It helps a person to manage and reduce stress-Each of your yoga session should include poses, breathing and meditation which will help you to manage and reduce stress.

10.It helps a person to become more positive in life

11.It helps a person to be happier– If you add a few yoga poses in your daily life, it will make you more happy, cheerful and strong. Study shows that yoga and meditation results in higher serotonin levels (the happiness hormones).

12.It improves our concentration-Yoga poses and meditation require you to concentrate on your breathing. This process of concentrating on breath makes your mind mentally relaxed. Due to this mental stability, you will be able to recollect and retain more information. It will also help to improve your concentration.

13.It helps us to breathe better-Breathing deeply and calmly is an important part of yoga. Focusing on your breath will make you feel relaxed and will give you confidence for the day.

Some yoga poses and their benefits:

1.Tadasana or mountain pose– It helps to correct bad posture and it also improves the alignment of the body.


2. Uttanasana or intense forward stretch– It tones liver, spleen, kidney and abdomen region. It also stretches the spine and makes it flexible.

3. Adhomukha svanasana or downward facing dog stretch– It calms the brain, reduces stiffness in shoulder region and also tones the legs.

4.Urdhvamukha svanasana or upward facing dog stretch-It rejuvenated the spine, relieves stiffness of the back and increases the stamina.

5.Janu sirsasana or head on knee pose-It stabilises the blood pressure and helps to correct the curvature of spine. It tones abdominal region and stretches the spine, hamstrings and hips.

6.Savasana or corpse pose– Helps reduce stress and insomnia. It gives the entire body and mind rest. It makes one feel blissful, peaceful and calm.

Yoga is practised to bring your body parts together and to give your mind and soul happiness. It helps to accomplish the connection between body, mind and nature.

Junk Food

Too much yummy, not good for the tummy! Junk Food is nothing but pre- prepared or packaged food that has low or no nutritional value. In children’s view pint junk food is tasty because oily food which has loads of butter and spices. But in the view point of parents and doctors junk food is like poison for health as it contains bad fats, carbohydrates etc which in excess are not good for the body. Junk food does not contain anything healthy like proteins, vitamins, minerals and lipids which are nutritious and provide nutrition to the body. This food has the value of hypnotising people by taking over all the senses.

Problems caused by junk food:

1. Obesity-Too much consumption of junk food leads to weight gain and therefore it causes obesity. Due to junk food, fat level increases in our body which causes us to gain weight. It makes a person lazy, unhealthy and the person gets tired easily.

2.Weak concentration-The consumption of junk food leads to memory and learning problems. One of the part of brain that is synapse gets affected by junk food. Eating or consuming too many calories may distract the function of synapse or may interfere in the healthy production of synapse.

20198975 – tired schoolboy sitting at desk in classroom

3.Dementia-Junk food rots the brain which increases the risk of dementia.Pancreas and brain produce insulation which help in the transport of glucose to the body and help to transport signals through nerve cells and forming memory respectively. Too much eating of junk food increases the insulation in our body which may lead to memory loss.

4.Depression-Too much consumption of junk food changes the chemical activity of the brain. It makes us more dependent on junk food. For instance: If we are sad or angry, we crave a chocolate or something sweet which is not right. But to get rid off the anger we turn back to those foods to comfort our feelings. The lack on nutrients like amino acids tryptophan caused by junk food leads to change in brain further leads to depression.

5.Tooth Decay-The chance of cavities is from the diet which is rich in sugary sweets. Tooth decay is caused when the enamel ( protective coating on our teeth) starts breaking down. Consuming foods rich in sugar like soda,cakes,baked goods,candy etc. coats our mouth, teeth, tongue with sugar which breaks the enamel and leads to tooth decay.

Junk food also causes problems like gastrointestinal problems, chronic illness, anxiety, less focus in class, obsession with junk food, under developed taste buds for home cooked food, mood swings, cravings, less sleep and many more problems.

Solutions to stop junk food consumption:

1.Drink water-If you crave anything unhealthy, you should drink water because maybe your body was just thirsty. Sometimes our brain is not able to differentiate thirst and hunger. If you drink water before meals,it helps to reduce cravings and helps in weight loss.

2.Eat more protein-Eating more proteins may reduce appetite and prevents overeating.

3.When you fell a craving, try to distance yourself from it.

4.Try to plan your meals and then strictly follow it. Consume 5-6 small meals in a day.

Eating junk food is not wrong but consume it in a limit. Everything should have a balance. Today’s generation cares only about taste but they are not concerned about their health. Not crossing the limit is the best way. We should eat a balanced diet which is healthy for us.

Sitting Is The New Smoking

We say that Smoking kills but I think that Sitting also kills. Sitting is as dangerous as smoking and has the same impact as smoking. James Levine said,”We are sitting ourselves to death.” Due to technology advancement screen time among youngsters and adults has increased our sitting time.

Sitting leads to many chronic diseases like diabetes, weight increase(obesity), anxiety and depression, heart diseases, cancer, stiff neck and shoulder etc.

Problems caused by Sitting are :

1. Stiff neck and shoulder- We spend times over gadgets like computers, laptops and phones the entire day which leads to pain in neck and shoulders. As we keep looking at the screens in one particular posture with slouched shoulders, it causes stiff neck and shoulders.

2.Weight increase( obesity)- These days due to modern technology youngsters, children and adults keep sitting with their phones and computers or keep watching television and keep on munching. They do not do any physical activities or do not exercise which leads to weight increase and obesity in children.

3.Anxiety and Depression- Sitting leads to both anxiety and depression. This is because people who spent a lot of time sitting miss the fun and positivity of physical activities and fitness. If we do not go outside, we do not get enough sunlight and we go into depression.

4.Heart disease- When we sit, blood flow slows down, which allows fatty acids to build up in the blood vessels. This leads to heart diseases like heart attack or stroke.

Solutions to live a healthy life:

1.Physical activity– Moving our muscles help us digest food and keep us fit. So we should walk, or do any sports. This leads to blood flow and due to sun we stay happy.

2.Doing some simple exercise while watching television.

3.Taking short break at work and walk around office building leads to blood flow.

4. Getting up and doing something instead of skipping through TV commercials.

5.Use stairs instead of using elevators and escalators.

6.Get TV screens of bedroom. It promotes quality family time.


These days the knowledge of handling Peer Pressure is mostly among the adults. But I feel that the teenagers should also be briefed about the peer pressure. Peer pressure or influence is when you do something you wouldn’t really do, but you do it because you want to feel accepted and valued by your friends. Usually at this age children get influenced by their fellow mates because of lack of information or to full- full the urge of being the popular kid and being accepted by their cool kids.

Generally the Peer Pressure being faced by children is :

1. Mobile phones – Some children have got a phone at this age which pressurises other children to have a phone too. The children who have strict parents or do not have necessary financial means do not have phones and go under peer pressure.


2. Social media – Social media is important for children in teenage but it should be under parental guidance. Children who have stern parents and do not have access to social media feel left out as the kids in their group talk about Snapchat,Instagram and Facebook.

3. Clothing – Generally teenagers face the fears of what to wear and how to look stylish. A teenager cannot always wear what they want to wear. They have to think many times before wearing a dress because they have the fear of being rejected by their group and also have the fear of being humiliated. Moreover the parents do not allow the children to buy more stylish or expensive clothes.


If you face the peer pressure problems in your daily life, here are some solutions:

1. Keep communicating with parents or if they are not reachable talk to any adult you trust.

2. Stay focused and seek help whenever you feel insecure or unsure.

3. Do not give up hope and be positive.